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Established in 1970, the family company METALSISTEM began its activities with the design and production of machines for cold processing and rolling of steel. The knowledge and experience gained on the basis of numerous studies have been supported by many patents in the field of forming galvanized steel profiles. It was a natural start to start production in the warehouse racking sector..

Today, the METALSISTEM Group sells in over 80 countries on all continents and has strengthened its position as one of the main players on the market of warehouse equipment and large-format stores. The headquarters is in the city of Rovereto in northern Italy, where the main production plant is located and the total area of ​​the production facilities exceeds 270,000 square meters. square meters. What distinguishes METALSIST among manufacturers of warehouse racks are innovative solutions resulting from numerous international patents, which the company systematically obtains thanks to its own research and development unit.

The main factors proving the company’s success are new production technologies, continuous improvement and the fastest production process. These factors, in connection with the high quality of products, operational safety and the versatility of warehouse systems applications, allow us to achieve a high position on the market every year. The uniqueness of the manual and pallet racking systems, their versatility allows us to provide individual solutions as part of numerous systems for each industry. Thanks to the speed of production, the highest quality of galvanized steel and a unique assembly system, METALSISTEM products have been consistently appreciated on the market for 50 years.

270 thousand m2

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METALSISTEM runs an ecological business model. Production with ZERO CO2 emissions = climate neutrality!


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Number of solar panels [235 / 240W]


TÜV/Marchio GS

Technical Supervision Certificate and Safety and Quality Certificate - "Geprüfte Sicherheit" issued by TÜV Product Service GmbH, Munich / Germany

ISO 14001:2004 Standards

European ISO System for Environmental Protection

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Certificate of the Austrian Standards Institute, Vienna / Austria



Authorized Economic Operator, Certificate issued by the customs authorities of the European Community countries for reliable and solvent enterprises.


  • value for money appreciated by thousands of customers
  • versatility, reliability and security of solutions
  • production using the highest quality steel
  • own departments of research on new technologies and innovation in production
  • unique solutions in the segment of shelves

Membership and cooperation with certification bodies:
CISI – Italian Chamber of Steel Producers, Industrial Storage
E.M. – European Federation of Storage
S.P.E.S.L. – Italian Institute for Occupational Health and Safety
University of Trento, Faculty of Engineering


METALSISTEM offers its customers a very wide range of products, made of the highest quality materials, at very competitive prices. All offered storage systems and solutions are lightweight, durable and modular. Thus, they ensure effective and rational use of the storage area and environment.

METALSISTEM is a leader in the field of safety, quality, versatility and reliability of racks.

METALSISTEM was founded in 1968 thanks to the passion, enthusiasm and vision of its founder, Mr. Antonello Briosi, who to this day consistently implements and implements his innovative strategies. The company started its activity in the segment of design and production of metalworking machines, which were systematically improved and found applications in the warehouse industry. The experience gained in the production of machines in the following years allowed for the introduction of a number of innovations and patents in production, which in the following years achieved significant success on the European market.

The most technologically advanced processes of processing and transformation of galvanized steel by Sendzimir method, previously processed directly from coils of rolled steel, take place in METALSISTEM production plants. The process of manufacturing elements of warehouse systems takes place in the most technologically advanced production lines producing details as a result of the process of forming sheet metal directly from the roll through the line of rolls, which gradually plasticize the material until the required shape is obtained. The process of shaping details consists in passing the strip with structural steel through rolls and rollers, which are able to gradually plasticize and deform the material with the help of unique forms to obtain the desired size and form. All production lines used in production are designed by the Research and Development Department of METALSIST.

METALSISTEM has its own Research and Development department, which has been operating for many years, providing constant support for METALSISTEM’s industrial activities. The task of the department is the continuous development of research towards solutions and highly innovative products resulting from numerical analysis and experimental processes aimed at maximizing the level of product performance. Advanced technological knowledge as well as continuous research and development have allowed METALSIST to patent its innovations and produce products of the highest quality industrially.

The high quality of METALSISTEM products is based on the following technical approvals and certificates: EN ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 14001: 2004, TÜV / Marchio GS (Munich / Germany), Ö-Norm (Vienna / Austria), AEO – Authorized Economic Operator, Accreditation of the Italian Ministry DM work 01/14/2008. Membership and cooperation with certification bodies: – CISI – Italian Chamber of Steel Producers, Industrial Storage, F.E.M. – European Federation of Storage, I.S.P.E.S.L. – Italian Institute for Occupational Health and Safety, University of Trento, Faculty of Engineering