Current projects:

1. CBTC – an official representative of the Italian manufacturer METALSISTEM in Poland.

METALSISTEM SpA. founded in 1968, is specialized in design and manufacturing solutions for the storage industry. Its main area of ​​activity is the production of storage systems and storage solutions of light and heavy racking. The main manufacturing facility is located in Rovereto, Italy. Sales offices are located around the world. Since 2016 the company Cieciera BTC Sp. z o.o. is an official representative in Poland and launched a showroom and a main warehouse in Siedlce, ca. 100km East from Warsaw.

2. CBTC – partner of PPG Coatings Poland Sp. z o.o.

The company PPG Industries is a global manufacturer of anticorrosion , decorative, industrial, chemicals coatings, glass and fiberglass. In its partnership, Cieciera BTC Sp. z o.o. is engaged in the commercial and consulting activities regarding anticorrosion systems for the energy industry, chemical, shipbuilding, environmental protection and utilities.

3. CBTC – exporter gratings under the brand CBTC Gratings.

CBTC undertakes export activities of steel gratings for its partners from the Maghreb area and the Balkan peninsula countries.​

phone +48 799 801 777

phone +48 781 691 777

Cieciera BTC Ltd. seated in Warsaw
ul. Sarmacka 1B/104, 02-972 Warszawa
is registered in the Register of Entrepreneurs
in Warsaw 13th Commercial Division
of the National Court Register